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Ok. You asked for it. The most tumblr love story of all time. Hold on to your pants.

(mishasminions wanted a story, and they are getting a story. a loooong one)

One day I was procrastinating HARD, like I should’ve gone to bed hours ago, and decided to browse through the comic con tag even though it was still months away. I come across this post asking if anyone will be cosplaying Clara from Doctor Who. He was planning on cosplaying 11 and wanted to do a photoshoot. Which was perfect because I already had two Clara outfits planned! So I messaged him and we messaged back and forth a bit about meeting up. 

So then I did what any normal tumblrer would do and checked out his blog. And then I realized..

(I literally said this out loud to myself)

After a mild bout of hyperventilating, I calmed myself down by thinking, NO NO ITS FINE, YOU AREN’T LOOKING TO HOOK UP, YOU’LL JUST GET SOME NICE COSPLAY PICTURES AND IT’LL BE GRAND

Well we talked here and there, nothing too exciting, but we were deciding what photoshoot to do what day and he told me that since I was planning on wearing my Journey to the Center of the TARDIS dress, he really wanted to get a picture similar of this scene: 

And I was immediately in my head like OMG we are whouffle. 
But I calmed myself and told myself “HA NO. I can hold his hand in a professional manner for this. Just don’t let it show how hot you think he is!”

Anyway, fast track to July and….

The first day I was there at the crack of dawn and made my way into the Marvel booth line for the signing drawing. We were texting and I let him know where I was so we could meet up. 

And then I saw him. I yelled his name as he turned the corner around the booth across from me and disappeared into the crowd. I was sad. Eh he’ll find me later, I thought, and decided to focus on my standing-in-line technique. 
Five minutes later he pops up right in front of me! YAY!!
And then he hangs out for a while and me and him and these two 40-something comic-book store type guys have a FABULOUS conversation about the state of Doctor Who and strength and weaknesses of Moffat’s writing. 
But then he must leave to meet a friend so we bid adieu until our photoshoot the next day. 

At this point I am like WOW he is awesome and attractive but was in no way expecting anything to happen between us. Sometimes you just accept that you are a merely a spectator in someone else’s awesomeness. 

Fast forward to Sunday, after spending 10 hours in line (sleeping on the concrete) to get into Hall H to see the Doctor Who panel (which was great) and after the big Doctor Who cosplay meetup. 
There we are, him in his Eleven cosplay, and me in my Clara one, and his friend with the camera posing us around.
I was WAY nervous, mostly because I didn’t want to let on how attracted I was to him. 

but aside from my general internal freakout, the shoot went great, and we both had lots of fun.

After Comic Con, we parted ways, but continued to text each other. 

And hold up just a second, let me tell you a thing. 

I hate, HATE text messaging. Usually. At the time I had this god-awful flip phone that would screech repeated beeps from hell every time you attempted to T9 your way through a conversation. 

But oddly, it didn’t matter. Because our conversations were the best I’ve ever had and not even the Nokia from Hades was gonna stop me. 

The more we talked the more I realized, wow. There’s more to him than being really, really, ridiculously good-looking. I was falling in love with him and his beautiful mind. 

And then one day, I absentmindedly reblogged a post that said “Leave me an ask and tell me what you think about me.” I wasn’t thinking about him at all I just thought it would be fun. 

But then I get an anon message in my ask. 
A two part message. The most beautiful words someone has ever said to me. And this anon was confessing his love for me.
And it was him. I knew it was him. 

A few weeks later I drive two hours to come see him and we go on our first date, to a vegetarian restaurant (we are both vegan/vegetarian) and an absolutely breathtaking place called The Last Bookstore, which we found out about from (guess, just guess) a tumblr post, of course.

Seriously go there if you ever get the chance. 

After a long, amazing day (during which I have fallen in love multiple times over) we find ourselves surrounded by books, in a tiny niche overlooking the street of downtown LA. 
We are sitting there, taking in the view and holding hands, and he turns to me and
I shit you not
He asks me to be his companion. 
Actually he words were more along the lines of 
"I can’t believe I’m about to say this, this is going to be the geekiest thing I’ve ever done but…. Will you be my companion?"

Well HELL TO THE YES, I said in a more delicate and refined manner, and it was the most beautiful moment of my whole life. 

Fast forward to the present day and we’ve been together going on 5 months. He has since moved in with me (that is a long story for another time) and we haven’t spent a day apart since.

He is the only person I can stand to be around every second of the day. The only thing we argue about is Doctor Who theories and we continue to cosplay together:

and he does actually call me his Impossible Girl.

I love him infinitely more and more every day and I can’t imagine being with anyone else for the rest of my life. 

He does film and wants to make a documentary about how tumblr has changed people’s lives, because it certainty has changed ours, so keep an eye out for that. (if you are interested and have a story to tell you can leave him a message at


Don’t EVER let anyone tell you tumblr is a waste of time, or that the people you meet here are any less important than the people you meet in real life.
Tumblr can change your life.

also I hope he isn’t too embarrassed by this. maybe he’ll tell his side of the story! 

I had a dream that I got a sneak peak of the 14th Docotor and his Galifreyian name was revealed as Malaki and he looked like a blend of Bill Nye the science guy and Tim Gunn.

Also at some point in humanity’s future he accidentally got a small continent named after him and they called it Malakiland and his companions are totally embarrassed that the name is so cheesy.
But he really likes it.